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Guide for Individual & Groups

We are a platform that aims to raise the community awareness, collaboration, and engagement in initiatives that have a positive return to society and its needs. Civil engagement is on a rise, with groups targeting different causes, all targeting positive change in the community. Our target is to provide them with technical communication and management tools to allow them to better communicate with each other and manage their team members. ATAHUB is a community tool and highlights the programs of all the members who are a part of it. It is owned by its members and is managed by an Executive Team composed of those members.



  1. Register and fill in your profile
  2. Follow groups by cause or check the calendar for upcoming events
  3. Sign up for the various opportunities and memberships available


  1. Fill in the application form for approval review
  2. Build your page and post events
  3. Manage your volunteers and stay in touch with you followers